Fibroids are a common complaint amongst women, and more amongst the black women than in their white counterparts. But fortunately there are some remedies for fibroids that are present in our diet and the food we eat. More and more women prefer curing their fibroids using natural remedies rather than opting for surgery.

One of the best ways to shrink and cure fibroids is by following a healthy diet. You may be having the best diet in the world but you will need to add some include foods that can help shrinking fibroids. It is true that some healthy foods do contain large amounts of pesticides, estrogen and chemicals that can lead to the growth of fibroids. Hence one needs to make sure that they are not eating those foods that can encourage the growth of the fibroids and make their diet optimal for shrinking fibroids.

To begin with make sure you eat only organic diet. Food that is grown without using any chemicals or pesticides is free of any hormones. Hormones, chemicals and pesticides are known to promote fibroid growth. Next, eat foods rich in fiber and some good examples are fruits, nuts, beans and seeds. Whole grains like barley, buckwheat, flaxseed and wheat too are high in fiber and anti-estrogen compounds called lignans. All these foods rich in fiber are known to shrink fibroids. Some other foods that help in preventing estrogen production include onions, citrus fruits, Brussels sprouts, melons, cabbage, berries, pineapples, grapes etc. It is very important to include Estrogen restraining foods in your diet to shrink your fibroids.

Now that you know about all those food that can help you getting rid of fibroids, you should also be aware about those foods that you should avoid. Some examples are processed foods, Red meats, dairy products, and also food rich in saturated fat and sugar. All these foods should be avoided if you do not want any fibroids.

The bottom line is that prevention is better than cure. So stick to those food that help shrink your fibroids and avoid eating those foods that promote their growth.

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